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SaaS Platform

Check instantly your infrastructure health like certificates, unexpected opened ports or vulnerabilities. Stay updated with our security feeds and get custom and automated reports.

Custom Assistance

Need further assistance for designing your architecture or get some security insights for an existing app? Feel free to contact us or get in touch with our support so we can see how we can help.


- SaaS platform -


Access your dashboard with any device
(PC, phone, tablet, ...)


Get complete reporting of your architecture.
Do not miss any alert.


Automate integration control
(coming soon)


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  • Internet is great

    But very open...

    Internet is worldwide open. Anyone can access Internet today through many devices and many connections. It means also that it's easy for anyone to try to corrupt your services or steal your data if they're not protected properly.

  • Scan your app

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    We are often taking care of security of our app at the beginning, but what about security few weeks or months later after several updates..? Let our app scan your infrastructure for you automatically, and ensure your servers are always secured from the outside world.

  • Get further help

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    You need some help for designing your application or your infrastructure? You need some advices about some security alerts that you don't know how to manage? Send us a message and let's work together so we can assist you and bring our expertise on any topic you need.

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